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I am planning to give an integrated agriculture project to those interested to do farming on their own in your own land.
I got this idea when see IT peoples by over interest invest in land and land in to problem. OWN LAND SHARE EXPENSES

SHARE the idea nothing going to lose


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Hi team,

I am working in a IT in bangalore but I am very much interested in cultivation of mushroom in hubli as i don have land so thinking to take on lease. So could you help me for the same.



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Hi all,
I am a member of Natrinai Ulavargal, an establishment started to use uncultivated and unused farmlands for growing organic vegetables, greens and other crops. At present we are having our projects around Chennai.
Please contact us if you have farmlands with irrigation facility, proper fencing and with passion for organic farming, can be given for lease for a minimum period of 5 years and the minimum acreage is 5.
This is from Ambrose and my mobile no is 9840726080.


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Hi All,
I am an IT professional for 10 years now and I was always interested in Agriculture. I also have a rooftop garden and know very basics of growing plants.
I now wish to start my journey towards being an Agriculturist or start farming. I do not have any idea on how to go about it. I neither have my own agriculture land. I have heard you have PG courses on Agriculture -
Can anyone here help me start and where to start?
hi praveen where are you located contact 9849109114


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As you are from IT sector,you need more concentration in agriculture with full time working if you are ready to do so. you can start with small land than increase by experience. go for Country chicken parallel.


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It's a good idea for non-agri enthusiasts to get together and share experiences on the start-up hurdles and success stories in this venture. I suggest all those located in Karnataka, for example form a group to exchange information and help for mutual benefit. We have only to gain from each other!!!!!! I am not a IT professional, but am an educationist with fairly good knowledge on basics of plants , growing etc. Look forward to your responses...........


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Thanks for that informative link. Any suggestions for farming in a 2 acre plot with potential for ground water located in Ramanagar District??? It is not a level plot but fairly good reddish soil. Thinking of some timber trees and fruit trees!!!!!!!!! Ideas and suggestions????????????


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Hi Guys , I am new to this forum.
I am also an IT professional and interested in Farming just like you .

Myself along with my spouse and another couple, we are planning to set up a Greenhouse pilot project , with the most obvious product, Colored Capsicum.

Please do let me know if you are interested.

The project will be in maharashtra.


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Thanks for that informative link. Any suggestions for farming in a 2 acre plot with potential for ground water located in Ramanagar District??? It is not a level plot but fairly good reddish soil. Thinking of some timber trees and fruit trees!!!!!!!!! Ideas and suggestions????????????
Been hearing good things about PKM1 Moringa and teak or Mahogany for tibre are great too. Neem is another option to look at as well seeds are well priced these days Rs70/kg.


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Hello all,

My experience is unique!
I am an IT Professional working on Aviation IT Systems. Although my Dad was farmer and I was wishing to be sticking to the same field, My parents and circumstances forced me to choose IT field.
I still have few more years when I can handover my responsibilities and settle back to my desired field that's Agriculture (living with mother nature).
I bought the Agri land,
I laid the infrastructure.
But can't go ahead as per my plan due to lack of my personal presence.

Hence, Am planning to either lease-out my facilities or work in a partnership with those interested as per agreed mutual terms.
If interested please WhatsApp me +96599786884.

Thank you all.
Where is ur land? if it near hyderabad, India, I can take this offer either partnership or lease

Pacific herb

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We the Pacific Agro, Nagpur well experienced in the field of Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs, at present we are focusing on Aromatic Grass Oil Project, the Aroma Mission in association with CSIR-IIIM, Jammu, Govt. of India this project is having lot of advantages over traditional crop, its Risk free and easy to handle, Net profit more than Rs.80,000 per acre yealy, for details kindly call 09422881280, 07083757145, 09730107163, write- or log in


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Hi, I plan to start off with small crops like vegetables and fruits - I need some experience and a lot to learn to move ahead! What do you suggest?
Hi Praveen,
We have land situated in AP at a distance of 120 km from Bangalore. There are bore wells in working condition. We wanted to dispose it off since we are busy with our professional commitment.
The total extent is about 70 acres. If interested can reach me to 9676186936


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Yes I have a 15 acrs land in dharmapuri dist around 130 kms from bangalore, the details of the land

Red Colour
Plain Land
Good Road Approach
Sound water as the land is in the river bank Then Pennai River.
Price 3.5 lac per acr.

The land could be divided in to 3 to 5 acrs plot, separate road could be provided to each plot, you can register the land in your name, if the individual land owner desire to work together, fine we can plan for a integrated farming with multiple owners.

The benefit of this scheme, you need not have separate security, separate electricity, separate transport for shipment of produced goods etc., the main problem of agriculture is labour so maintaining labour also easy.

We could have our own outlet in bangalore or chennai as the land area is having equal distance to chennai as well as bangalore. Labour is not a issue as this place only feeds the daily labours to bangalore and chennai,

We can also plan for a common branded organic agriculture products including milk, fish, flowers.

Profit in agriculture is more only if you deliver the agri products directly to the end user

Call for discussion.

Shajath ali


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Would like to know if you are promoting this concept as a facilitator/agent or as an individual land owner? Would be interested in further details on exact location, distance from the Bangalore Highway etc. Thanks

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