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If you have 50 buffalo cattle 1 st than 2nd batch 50 buffalo so you can earn profit yearly minimum 14250000 rupees...
Also fertilizer 3,19,200 excluding
Or make vermicompost so you can earn huge amount.
I am just talking about milk selling..
If you will go on by product that you will earn morethan that
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Dear Mahesh,
you can also explain the amount of investment, expanse and efforts rather than only showing big numbers. there are many issues in dairy farming which every farmer should understand before setting up.


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Banni buffalo price including transportation 1,10,000 TO 1,20,000 Per cattle milk selling price in vadodara Gujarat buffalo milk 70rs easily sale per buffalo milk 3000 L for 300 days 50 cattle milk price = 50*3000*300 for 1 st batch
after six month you will purchase 2nd batch. =50*3000*300 2nd batch.
profir 50% count after selling price.
if you sale 1 tractor trollly buffalo dung it is 6000 kg per trolly farmer pay you 1200 per tractor.
if you made vermicompost from 6000 kg dung than 40% vermi made like 2400 kg and per kg price will RS 30. so 2400 kg * Rs 30= Rs.72000
see the difference 1200 & 72000.
there are lot of ideas & milk product that will earn you .

Shed, food, water, electricity, medicine, insurance, management, preganacy cycle, green fodder, dry fodder, concentrate feed, mineral mixture main component of dairy business.
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