how to improve HR managment in Agriculture?

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Indian agriculture is still unorganized as far its operation is concerned; we know the manpower plays an important part in operation. Agriculture distribution channel involve high number intermediaries in between which leads to escalation of price of the agriculture produce. Indian agriculture industry is the largest vegetable growers in the world but with waste at 30% due to bad handling and infrastructure problem.

Majority of the problem in Indian agriculture industry will be solved with the effective and productive workforce working, if the proper rules and regulation are made regarding wages, conflict management and above points also.

One of the reasons which lack in HRM activities in Agriculture is due to less number organized player and resistant to change from the farmers and bigger unorganized player. The human resource in Indian agriculture originally consists of only cultivators. But due to historical, economic and social factor, labor class has emerged in course of time. Thus human resource in agriculture has come to consist of cultivators (owner/lessees of land) and labor.

pls suggest how to improve HR managment in agriculture sector