Available High tech dairy farm for sale in Tamilnadu


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h Tech Dairy Farm for Sale @ Tamilnadu

Land : 28,000 Acres

Building : 5 lakh sqft. (1Lakh sqft. Fully air conditioned)

Cow Indian Jersey : 25,000Nos.

Buffalo Gujarat : 20,000 Nos.

Pig Australian White : 10,000 Nos.

Chickens : 1, 00,000 Nos.

Goat : 30,000 Nos.

Milk production : 8 Lakhs liters / per day

Kaliteetta Factory : 1

Milk powder Factory : 1

Ice Cream Factory : 1

Cattle feed Unit : 1

Water filtering Unit : 1

Grass : 800 Acres

Rest house, Outhouse : 3 lakh sqft. A/C building

Fruit Farm, Coconut farm

Labor : 1400Nos / Quarters

Doctors : 5Nos.

Compounders : 15Nos.

Hospital, Transports

Price : 4000crores.Price negotiable.

Documents needed from the buyer:

· Letter of intent, Fund proof, BUYER profile.,if these arranges ,sitting will be arranged immediately.if interested please mail-chelacuty@gmail.com or call-9543455978


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Pls contact me immediately, i have a genuine buyer for this farm
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I have a lot of farm inquiries..I want to know about this hi tech farm..If there are photos and videos, I need it immediately.
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