Question Help Needed : Request to Reply Two Questions


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I Want One Information Regarding MNRE Rule or Tender Rule

I want to Know How become a MNRE Approved Manufacturer/Dealer?
I Have Associated Legally MOU & NDA Signed Manufacturers of Solar Products ,
They Have All Certifications of Quality Management and MNRE Approvals
I am Bidding on Solar Tenders in Maharashtra.
The First Question to me Was :"Are U MNRE Approved Manufacturer/Dealer?"

How Can I position My Company To Win the Tender?
We Have Registered Brand in Solar , But MNRE Approval is not on Our Name,

We Buy Different MNRE Approved products from Different Manufacturers ,
Every Manufacturer is Expert in Certain Products not in all ,
For ex. SPV Module manufacturer is not expert in charge controllers and Sine wave inverters
and both are not expert in LED Fixtures ,

So How Can i position My Company to Govt?
or How become a MNRE Approved Manufacturer/Dealer?

Nobody from that department helps me to solve my query.
Please Help.


kirti s

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Dear Sir

pls contact NABARD it will help u.
National bank for agriculture and rural development
Plot No. C-24
G Block
Bandra-Kurla complex
P.b. No. 8121
Bandra East


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