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We would like to know whether guar gum can be grown in south india. It is widely seen in rajasthan. Please reply


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Guar Gum is produced from Guar. Its a vegetable which is grown at many places.

But the quality of the guam is better from the guar produced in North Gujarat, Western Rajasthan and Pakistan.

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Guar gum is an extract of the guar bean, where it acts as a food and water store. The guar bean is principally grown in India and Pakistan. You can try growing it in south India but rajasthan and gujarat climates are more suitable for its cultivation.


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Guargum In AP, TN & Karnataka

There is a Great Opportunty in Guargum Cultivation in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Envuoirmental and Climatic condition of these stae is suitable for Guar cultivation. This is a Short, Simple and Easy project. Importantly is is a "Totally Risk Free" project. For detail please read below information. “Guargum” is a product which is made from Guar seeds. Guargum is being used in different industries in India and abroad, but now it is in Heavy demand due to its utility in Crude Oil Industry. India is enjoying the top position in production and export of this product in the world market, 80 % of global demand is met by India.
Guar is basically Simple, Short & Easy rain fed (No irrigation) crop and cultivated in Rajasthan & Haryana state, but it can be grown successfully in other states (Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu) also.
We have taken trials of this crop in Vidharbha region of Maharashtra state in rain fed and irrigated conditions in summer.
Variety- 1. RGC 197 – Single stem, flat seed, 27 % Gum.
2. RGC 936 – With branches, round and pink color seed, 33% Gum.
Brief information of this crop.
1. Soil – Light or Medium and well drained soil.
2. Climate- High temp, full sun light and low rainfall.
3. Sowing – After 20 July to 10 Aug ( rain fed), in February (with irrigation)4. Crop duration- 90 to 100 days.
5. Seed rate - 5 Kg. / acre.
6. Cost of cultivation – Rs. 5 to 6 thousand/acre. (Cost of seed Rs.2,500 – 3,000)
7. Production/ Yield – 400 to 600 Kg. /acre.
8. Market rate – Rs. 100 to 300/Kg.(Present rate is Rs.21,000/Quintal)
9. Profit- minimum Rs. 35 to 90 thousand/acre in 90 days.
We provide all concerned services like Quality Seed, crop agronomy and Assured “Buy back” support at different places. We also take up large Cultivation of 50 acres and above.


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India is world popular for guar gum production as well as food additives. It is sold as a white to yellowish odorless powder, and this is available in different –different viscosities but it’s totally depends on the desired one. One most important beneficial property of guar gum is that it thickens without the request of warm. Market Survey
Guar Gum has the most important following properties,
Easy solubility in cold and hot water
Resistance to oils, greases and solvents
Better thickening agent
Film forming property
Water binding capacity
High viscosity
Consultancy for Guar (Guar Gum) Cultivation

We provide the complete solution in the Guar cultivation. As per the commodity trend Guar has shown excellent results. Last month it was being sold at rs Rs 30,000/Quintal. The guar gum is used in many industries as a base product. the crop has bright future. Please contact us for the guar cultivation. We provide complete solution and consultancy for the guar cultivation. this is best time for the guar sowing.

Please email your query with complete contact details or contact us over phone directly............

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