For Sale Green Cardamom available

Hi All,

Green Cardamom available both 6mm and 7mm.

Will give best price. Please do reply.
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Please inform the price per kg of green cardamom both 6mm & 7mm

Cardamom Packed in PP Bags (8-10 Mt. per 20' FCL)………….
Cardamom Green Color 5-6 MM USD 14.50/Kg.

Cardamom Green Color 6-7 MM USD 16.00/Kg.
Cardamom Green Color 7-8 MM USD 17.50/Kg.
Cardamom Green Color 8++ MM USD 24.30/Kg.
Cardamom HUSK USD 6.00/Kg.

If needed for domestic market and lesser qty,

Convert usd x ₹75 and reduce ₹60 = offer on exw, gst, transport actuals.

We supply only one quality for any mkt, handling 600 tons pm, exporting 160 Mt pm on contract.

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