Genuine farmers don’t face crisis!

Do you agree with the statement “ Genuine farmers don’t face crisis”

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"Mr. P.J Chackochan, Chairman Indian Organic Farmers Producer Company Ltd says -

We see every day the farmers are always in crisis, and they are struggling to survive. But a genuine organic farmer never starves. But they cannot come in the mainstream as industrialists."

Please reply back to this thread to tell us why you agree or disagree with this statement.


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"Mr. P.J Chackochan, Chairman Indian Organic Farmers Producer Company Ltd says -

We see every day the farmers are always in crisis, and they are struggling to survive. But a genuine organic farmer never starves. But they cannot come in the mainstream as industrialists."

Please reply back to this thread to tell us why you agree or disagree with this statement.

I disagree with the quote genuine organic farmer never starves, how can the word organic can uplift the farmers from their obstacles - you should quote some reason - I am in search of what is organic for the past two years, i met and discuss over phone several farmers they believed to do organic agriculture. there are lot of definitions for that.

As i am a Realtor exclusively for agriculture lands from 2006, i earned practical knowledge from the existing farmers and city man turned farmer, IT man turned farmer, i could conclude some thing only after getting reply

shajath ali


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Mr. Santanu Kumar Patra, Subarnarekha Agri Services says-

Yes, most of the farmers are struggling. But I have thousands of farmers who are successful. Agriculture is mother of everything. Nowadays, sons forget their parents. It is a selfish world. Let’s hope mother, father, senior citizens and above all farmers are honored. Otherwise time will compel them to obey it.

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Mr. Madhu. Ramakrishnan, Santhosh Farms says-

Not only the farmers are in crisis today , they are not at all recognized by the society. This is a bad sign for the ugly future of the society. You can stop any work in the world , the world will be moving on. But if you stop the agriculture, the world will come to a stand still. No one can live without food, and none other than a farmer can give you food. India , being a rich country in enjoying the sun light through out the year , can easily feed to many countries. Importing food items from other countries is a shame to our nation. It is done for the benefits of a handful of leaders in the government. A proverb

“ When it darkens too much means , the dawn is nearer “ ……. Is the only answer I can give as a reply to the bad conditions of farmers today. They are not able to educate their children properly. , due to the high expenses on education. The pity is , once they educate their children, they easily compare and select other fields for easy earning with recognition by the society.

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Mr. Deepak Khurana, partner Khurana Dairy Farm says-

I do not agree to the view that an organic farmer never starves on the contrary following difficulties are faced by the organic farmers:-
1. High cost of organic farming i.e. seeds, organic fertilizers, medicines/ sprays that can be used.
2. Limited and unorganized market available for organic foods.
3.Markets only in big cities. No buyers from the farmer at village or small city level.

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Mr. Basant Kumar, Founder and Managing Partner, WiNaturals says-

Though we boast ourselves as one of the biggest agrarian economies, the backbone of Indian agriculture, the farmers have always been a deprived lot. Deep down in debt at all times the farmer struggles to make the lines meet – Organic farming as a viable alternative would make galloping strides only if a determined awareness is created across all levels. People from all walks of like including the government should put a strong foot forward to halt this ever growing monster. After all if thousands of crores can be given as subsidies for poisonous chemical substances, cant a miniscule percentage of the same be given as subsidies for healthy eco-friendly farming practices for the well-being of mankind. If that happens then organic farming practices can also become an industry itself.

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Mr. Kalaimani Doraisamy, Founder and Proprietor Srinithi Agro Farm says-

There is no unity among the farmers and since the farm products are perishable, the farmers have to sell them as early as possible. No one is ready to believe the farmers including financial institutions like banks. These and many other things lead to starvation always.

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Mr. Hari Nair, Manager Operations, Poabs Organic Estates says-

Farmer and Industrialists are two different terms in outcome though they both are producers in the basic activity. The crisis we see are all created by us and are not coming out of blue. We need to plan much better and produce and store the commodities in a better condition and sell them across the countries at a better value. It need not be organic only. we do not have weather proof warehousing to store food grains, which are eaten by rodents and spoilt by rains etc so only when we are going to have the back end support like cold storage and infrastructure in place we will have stable profitable farmers here.

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Mr. Milind Kulkarni, Owner, Ensemble Systems says-

Still the farmers think in mainly the conventional way. He never thinks for value addition to the agricultural produce. For example nowadays eating habits of the Indians have changed, and a number of ready to eat and ready to cook industries are coming up in large scale. All these products need dried fruits and vegetables but the farmers never think about this. For example I have a very good project called dry storage which means as the farmer preserve his produce in cold storage, it could be stored in dried form. The process of drying also could be carried out by using waste heat energy of cold storage which is normally released in the atmosphere. This could be one of its kind and a very good green project for farmers.

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Mr. Sunil Agarwal, Head Operation & Marketing, Darjeeling Gardens Pvt Ltd says-

The farmers who are struggling because of their own line of marketing strategy like they don’t have definite market because they sell their product to those who are paying them high but they are not buying from them regularly so in a agro item we need to find out the consistent buyer who pays handsome price throughout the season. This is what happening with the cymbidium in this region. Most of the farmers growing organic agro product but they have no certifications but the selling must have to guarantee the food safety because those products are prefer by the local market. So those product should me promoted in a special way. Small scale production or the small cluster of farmers with small pieces of land. Lack of knowledge for commercial agro product and Market. Rely on the cultivation of product which are grown by their forefather weather they are commercially demanded or not.

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Mr. Abhijit Savant, Co-owner, Prerana Lab says-

Yes it is very saddening to see a major chunk of farmers’ community in our country is under crisis. The crises have arisen due to various reasons including government apathy, lack of awareness, natural calamities etc. As far as organic farming is concerned, it should be promoted more, as not only is it more cost-effective but also good for retaining the health of soil over the long-term. Excess use of fertilizers may show short-term results, but will definitely have adverse effects in the long run, not only affecting the farm in question, but also the environment overall. As far as coming into the mainstream industrialists, is concerned, agriculture itself is a huge industry in our country. We are basically an agrarian country. There is tremendous potential for farming in our country, as feeding such a large population like ours is not an easy task. Importing food stuffs also cannot be an answer. Hence, with the use of modern techniques, right knowledge and favorable support from the government, farmers themselves can successfully be the proverbial "industrialists".

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S. Durga Prasad Rao, Proprietor and Farmer, Sai Durga Overseas says-

Yes It’s true that farmers are struggling for their crop’s market many times. Sometimes they didn’t get actual value price for their crops. To be an organic farmer I can say that organic farming always has demands. So, genuine organic farmer never starves but it has to be in the genuine. Rather a unique system has to be formulated to motivate farmers to incline towards organic farming and support the community by establishing value addition facility to the organic produces. A market support base programmer has to be devised with its extension.

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Mr. Mohsin Shaikh, Owner and Chairman, Osmanabadi Goat Farm says-

When breeding goats it won’t happen. Goat farmers are never in crisis if they have personally handled their goat farms. The main reason behind this is the skyrocketing prices of goats and goat meat. Five years back the price of goat meat was Rs. 100 per kg and petrol was Rs. 40/liter and now the goat meat price is Rs. 400/kg and petrol is Rs. 80/liter. This shows that in the last few years the prices of goat meat have increased nearly thrice. So the goat farmers will have a golden era in next 30 years. Also the government should come forward to provide necessary help financially as well as technically to the goat farmers so that they can be on par in the mainstream as industrialists.

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Sudhir Bhagwanrao Bhilar, Director, Gigantic Triumph Private Limited says-

Yes, it’s true. Indian farmers are facing crisis, not now but from decades. Some big potential Indian farmers have turned themselves as a direct exporters, means they harvest and they export it. But medium or small farmers can’t do it due to lack of knowledge or their own limitation. Government of India is taking steps to make Indian farmers secured and is trying to provide then a helping hand so that farmers can overcome the crisis. It will be not an instant solution but Yes one day with help of government, traders, distributors, wholesalers and every person/body who takes the benefit of products/crops supplied by farmers, when all these people comes together and make a WIN-WIN approach to each and every involved party (from farmer to end user) that time, things will be different. Things will be profitable for all.

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Mrs. Mital Bhatt, Owner Earth Consultancy, says-

Yes, your observation is somewhat true but the fact is that the farmer always straightforward while industrialists are purely professionals. And the second reason is that a farmer should become professional because farming is not tradition now a days but it is a business. So if you take it as your business then I think the farmer should survive better.

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Vincent Thomas, Managing Director, Greenland Agro Traders says-

Marketing the product is one problem. But nowadays... many open markets came into existence and reasonably good price is getting for farmers.... If a small farmer trying to sell in a local market, he won't get even the half price at which the product is ultimately sold in the market... that is my experience too. In the local markets, organic products are not separately considered and the pricing is common. But in Cities and hypermarkets, we can see that the organic products has separate counters and the price is more than double. The local organic farmers are not getting the benefit of this to a large extent due to his limitations.

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Green Farm Organic Says-

True to your thoughts, the agriculture industry policy has not been revived for decades. I personally think there should not be a discrimination based on the profits of an organic farmer or non-organic one. Rather a unique system has to be formulated to motivate farmers to incline towards organic farming and support the community by establishing value addition facility to the organic produces. A market support base programmer has to be devised with its extension.

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Pyro Trade Links/Pyro Cheme says-

One example I want to give here. 20 years back ladies finger was sold at Rs. 4/- per kg, but now today what is the price? How can a farmer come out from this situation? Actually, all agro products go directly to the trader or commission agents.

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Mr. Krishnamurthy,Toyo Biotech says-

This is unfortunate that the farmers have to go through difficulties time and again commonly due to either drought or floods. Mainly this may be due to the over dependence on monsoons and lack of irrigation facilities in most parts. Maybe the interlinking of rivers will prove to offset these to a certain extent. But we are living a global village and the happenings thousands of kilometers away will affect our village too. International production trends and crops affect the prices of our local crops too. Therefore, this requires planning and preparedness at the highest level. Organic farmer may be protected as long as he is small or medium. But large scale will have to be within the gamut of the macro scenario. Farmer turning into Industrialist is rare. Mainly due to the skills required for both are different. Cultivation ad production calls for a totally different mindset.

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Mr. Rajesh Shirodkar, Proprietor, Soham Agro Services says-

The most critical factor in a farmer becoming an industrialist according to me is that he does not have the capital to invest in infrastructure and to expand it on a large scale. Second most important is that farmer grows the produce but he is not in a position to dictate his selling price (MRP). The returns which he gets are dependent on the market. His days will be better when he sells his produce at a price he decides.

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