Food Security Bill

Are you in favour of Food Security Bill introduced in India?

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Dear Readers,

What are your views on Food Security Bill being introduced in India? Will it help the farmers? Will it help the country?

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Mr. Badri, Geoscientist, B2 Geo Tech Services says -

Definitely it is not good. If free food is given, there may be a decrease in crop production which will have adverse impact on agriculture.

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Mr. P. Damodarasamy, Director, Sanjay India Agro Solutions says -

It is not good for agriculture. It is a scheme to make all the Indians beggars. If food is secured for everybody including the farmers will not have any motivation to do agriculture. Then from where the government will procure the food grains? Will they import and give? This food bill is the death-knell for Indian agriculture and already with MNREGS the government has made many of the villagers beggars ( i.e. they need not do any big work to deserve the wages and yet earn the money and spend it on liquor finally). For the sake of votes the work culture in villages has been spoilt. Now with Food Bill, it will seal the fate of farming in India. With these votes of Indians like this the looting of the country by politicians can go on and on!

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Mr. Philip Benis, Goat Farm Trainer and Director, Good Shepherd Farm says -

It is true that many of our Indians sleep without food or without proper food. It is the moral duty of the people who have plenty to share with the have-nots. But the have-nots must work for it. How to make them work is a big topic. In one word they should be helped in such a way one day they stand on their legs independently.

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Food for all

It is not good for our country. It is a scheme to make most of the people 85% population as ideal eaters with no work and no future . If food is distributed to 85% of population at a throwaway price, the good quality will go to the houses of politicians first, than medium will go to influenced and mussel man's house and the balance rotten and junk and leftover quality will be distributed to the rest of the needy people to make them sick, lazy and spending their whole time in ques to collect this as happening with present Rasan Shops. If 85% population spent their time to collect this cheap or free food than who and why any body will work, because he/she is well secured from this type of Food Security Bill. The government/exchequer has no money to procure food from the farmers or import from outside. This food bill is the brainchild of someone to fulfill his/her wishes for the sake of vote bank. These so called politician's are making the people fool and on one day our country will be at the edge of tilted rock.

I am not in favor of Food Security Bill.

If the security interms of Vitamins & Proteins intake (or) the Hygenic Food intake by Indians, I could have been infovor of it.

The present features of food Bill is making the people lazy and thus effecting overall performance of the Indian Economy.


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Well said venkat_eedupuganti and bicco... there is already such a huge labor problem in our country as people do not want to work. With this food security bill things are going to become worse. What ever little people used to work that too they will not work as they will get free food....this schme is only aimed for getting votes from people after the consistent rise in inflation....


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To fulfill the demand of food grains to the poor people, Govt. will procure all the grains from the farmers in India as well as import from neighboring countries. If the MSP is good enough for the farmers, then they will prosper. I doubt if Govt. will be able to maintain proper MSP due to a hit on it's exchequer and trade deficit due to huge imports for feeding common man.
There will be no change in South as the scheme is already in place by the respective State Govt.
No, labor will not be affected due to the scheme, as only food grains is free but oil, pulses, fuel, vegetables etc, cost is going up.


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Mr. Meezan Ahmed, Partner, Taj Farms says -

Agriculture has a lot to be learnt from. So if the government gives it proper time and aid I think that ours will be a self-sufficient country wherein we will be saving a lot on our expenditure.

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It is not favorable for both Agriculture and Agriculturist.

Mr. Anbalagan Packirisamy
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Mr. D.S.Nagarajan, Manager - Accounts SPS Organics India Private Limited says

No, I am not favoring this bill. Since finding out people below poverty line is a difficult task and no agriculturist is directly benefitted by this and it will definitely lead to higher range of corruption. Spending people's money like this will lead to decrease in the value of Indian currency and I wonder how long they can feed the people.

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Mr. Vikram, MD, S R Infra says-

Not at all. It will be useful for poor. For Agriculture it will be like monopoly to the government. In the current scenario who knows how many poor people are there India. Whatever decision taken by the Government we have to obey.

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Mr. S. Jayakumar, Founder Pioneer Aquaculture Consultants says-

It is the basic need of every citizen, and so it is good. The taxes are spent in a useful way to keep the citizens healthy. The healthy citizens will work hardly and increase the productivity of the nation. That is the return for the tax amount spent by the government.

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Mr. Balaji Krishnappa, Director, Dhanyaa Ventures, says-

We, the farming community, do not need or seek anything from the government. We do not need subsidy, and we do not need any help. If at all the government is interested in the upliftment of not only the farmer but the nation as a whole, it has to pay the farmer his due by giving him right price for the produce. The most oppressed man today is the farmer whose labor is the most degraded by the government.

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Mr.Sakthivel S, Manager Business Development, Rudras Breeders Poultry Farm says-

Free food will nourish them but not make them make a living. Our government should think in terms of improving the skills of our people to make a living of their own and take pride from it. If this government helps in reducing corruption, everything will fall in place. Vote bank politics!

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Mr. Hrishikesh Manian, Director, RenXSol ECotech Pvt. Ltd says-

Any GOI scheme if implemented for the purpose it has been envisaged will be good for the country.

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Mrs. GIRIJA A.M, CEO, Insight Quality Consultancy Services says-

Government shall support farmers through a buy-back agreement of their products. Food bill will increase the demand of various agricultural products.

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Mr. Ashish Sharma grows exotic vegetables at his farm. He says -

The view varies from person to person. Government has to take care of the people who vote for them but then sometimes it is good for the sector if you are selling directly to the government.

Ashish Sharma
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Mr. Satish Belhekar, Founder member, Managing Director, Shree Consultants, Pune. Direct - Flora Biotech, Pune, Managing Director says-

I think in some manner it will help to reduce the hold of "Middleman" on food market who are the one who should be out of the chain as soon as possible to increase farmer's income.

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Mr. Srinivas Kavuri, Chief Consultant, VSR Consultants says-

Some type of food security for the poor is definitely required. BUT, any subsidized material should be in return for some work AND NEVER BE FREE. Food, Cloth & House (Roti, Kapada & Makan) are the basic instincts for which any human being works and if the same are provided free (whatever name is given), the incentive for working is lost and it will lead to creation of lazy generation and people start looking to Govt., for everything free and if not provided, a time may come, they start stealing. With some Changes to the Bill, i.e., by ensuring that the supplies are made only in return to the work they do, food security is required.

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