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Technical Data Sheet

Product: AUMENTO-F (Plant Growth Regulator)

Chemical Nature: Formulation based on Bio/Oleo Chemicals, Mirbane Oil & Growth Hormones for Foliar Application.
Effects (On Flowering Plants)
• Promotes & Induces Profuse flowering
• Stimulates growth of flower parts & promotes early fruit setting
• Induces fruit setting and growth in plants
• Stimulates cell elongation & promotes increase in yield on account of increase in fruit number and size.
• Stimulates, root initiation on stem cuttings.
Aumento-F exhibits following advantages:
• A Thick, White, Stable Emulsion Can be easily diluted before use.
• Has very good wetting properties (Less than 20 Seconds by Drave's Test); therefore, leaf wetting & spreading is superior during foliar spray.
• Due to higher viscosity, the Product has better adherence to Leaves.
• Excellent, Hard Water Tolerance.
• Compatible, with other Pesticides & PGR”S.
Aumento-F contains substances, which exhibit following effects.
 Improved absorbance of the Active Ingredient on the substrate (Leaf in case of Foliar Application and Roots in case of Granular Soil application)
 Growth Promoting Substances & Available Nitrogen, which generate synergetic Effects in combination with other Bio-actives.

Brief Note about Growth Hormone, Auxin: Plant hormones regulate the amount, type, and direction of plant growth. Naturally occurring substances and related synthetic compounds have similar effects. Auxins are found in all members of the plant kingdom. They are most abundantly produced in growth areas like root and shoot tips, but are also produced elsewhere, e.g., in the stems and leaves. Auxins affect numerous plant processes like cell division, elongation, autumnal loss of leaves, and the formation of buds, roots, flowers, and fruit. They are also responsible for many forms of tropism. It is known that phototropism is due to the inhibition of auxins by light; the cells on that side of a plant exposed to light do not divide or grow as quickly as those on the shaded side, and thus the plant grows toward the light source.

Auxins are widely used commercially to produce more vigorous growth, to promote flowering and fruiting and also root formation in plants not easily propagated by stem cuttings, to retard fruit drop, and to produce seedless varieties (e.g., of tomatoes) by parthenogenetic fruiting. Only minute amounts of Auxins occur naturally, and synthetic auxins must be administered in carefully prescribed doses. The principal natural Auxin is Indoleacetic acid, Naphthalene Acetic Acid other common but less frequent plant hormones include the Gibberellins, lactones, and Kinins.

General Technical Specifications of Aumento-F

1 Appearance: Off White to Pale Yellow Colored, viscous flowable Emulsion.
2 ‘pH :eek:f 5% Aqueous Solution 7.5 to 9
3 Solubility: Dispersible in water
4 Compatibility with other Surfactants: Compatible with other Anionic, Nonionic and Amphoteric Surfactants. Not compatible with Cationic Surfactants.
5 Compatibility at different ‘pH Stable at ‘pH levels between 7.0 to 10, but may undergo deterioration at pH levels below 6.5 and higher than 10
6 Water Insoluble Content: 1.0% w/w
7 Mirbane Oil Content: 20% w/w 2%
8 Plant Nutrients & others 1.5-2.0 %
9 Odour Sweet smelling
10 Preservative Content 0.1 to 0.25%
11 Microbial Count Less than 10 units

Usage Recommendations: 250 ml in 100 lts. of water per Acre of Flowering & Fruit bearing Plants.

Vegetables: Tomato, Okra, Brinjal, Chilly, Gourds, Beans etc.,
Fruits: Pomegranate, Grapes, Citrus, Mangoes, Cashew etc., Pulses & Legumes: Grams, Peas, Beans etc., Grains: Paddy, Wheat, etc., Oil Seeds & Others: Soya, Cotton, Safflower, Sunflower, Coffee, Spices etc., Flowers: All Decorative Flowers

Packing: 100 Ml, 250 Ml, 500 Ml, 1lt, 5 lt.

Shelf Life: 36 month
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