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We have land in Dehra i.e. Kangra District , Himachal Pradesh and i am interested in starting flower business,
What all things i should know before i start doing it.
I want to grow flowers and sell it in the market.
What are the things i should keep in mind.


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Here are some of the items in the checklist that you want to look first:

1. Do a soil test and findout the nature of the soil.
2. Findout the market potential in your area. If you are looking for export, check the logistics available from your place.
3. Do a sample plantation with few samples and see how they grow in your land. If they grow nice, you can consider that plant.
4. Get the project detail about for each flower and see what is profitable to you.
5. If i were you, i would choose a flower, that has flexible harvesting period. Also, this can be stored in cold storage. This help us to target various markets to get higher price.
6. Personally visit a farm who is growing the flowers and have first hand experience.

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