Flavour Trends in Juice Drinks and Iced Tea Drinks


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Flavour Trends in Juice Drinks and Iced Tea Drinks


Using a combination of textual commentary, analysis, data tables and Marimekko charts, the Flavour Trends in Juice and Iced Tea Drinks report provides an overview of flavour trends for the four key juice categories: 100% juice, nectars (25-99% juice) juice drinks (up to 25% juice) and iced/ready-to-drink tea drinks.
The report details the leading flavours and market drivers, for example:
Orange is still at the number one spot with a share fluctuating at around 20%
The fastest growing flavours in 2009 were mixed combinations featuring 2, 3 or more fruits
Superfruits like pomegranate and acai are being added to flavour mixes, driven by the continuing health trend
Lemon is forecasted to take share from orange, driven especially by market trends in China and Turkey
Lemon accounts for over half the Indian market but does not even appear in the top 10 of several European markets

Content includes:
Executive Summary analysing:
Category growth trends
Flavour ranking
Key players/brands
Flavours to watch, including the fastest growing flavours by category 2007-2010 forecast
Key flavour houses, including key activity and strategy
Marimekko chart showing top 5 flavours globally* by category, 2009
Regional overviews (East & West Europe, Asia, Latin America)
Key individual country profiles (Argentina, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam)
Marimekko charts showing top 5 flavours by category for each region and country, 2009
Top 10 flavours volume tabled by region and country, 2005 to 2009
Commentary on key drivers and trends for each region and country
Commentary on key drivers and trends in Australia, South Africa & Nigeria
*aggregate of 53 markets

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Flavour Trends in Juice Drinks and Iced Tea Drinks

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