Advertising Energy Efficiency in a Rice Mill

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as an Energy Service Company (ESCO) accredited by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Government of India and empanelled Energy Audit Company in State Designated Agency (SDA), Government of Odisha since 2010.

We are an Energy Consulting Company offering comprehensive, customized energy saving solutions and renewable energy options to the customers since 1995. We provide end to end solutions to our clients for meeting their energy requirements. We engage ourselves in developing, installing and financing comprehensive performance based projects aimed at energy efficiency or load reduction of facilities owned/operated by our customers.

We have also associated with some of the most reputed companies in the country to act during all stages of a project in the capacity of a project manager, consultant, and construction supervisor or as a turnkey contract for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

The Paddy milling consumes significant quantities of fuels and electricity. Electricity is the main energy source for these rice mills and is imported from the state electricity board grids. These rice mills use old and locally available technologies and are also completely dependent on locally available technical personnel. Though, wide variety of technologies has been evolved for efficient use of energy for various equipments of rice mills, so far, only a few have improved their energy efficiency levels.

Consumers and regulators today are conscious of environmental issues such as pollution and global warming. In this context, Krishna Engineers & Consultants has taken a proactive stance and outlined a policy for encouraging energy-savings and green energy concept in industries which are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. We are offering our service on electrical safety audit, energy audit, implementation of energy saving measures and renewable energy to reduce the energy cost and risk on any hazards to your rice mill need. You can know your electrical safety measures, energy consumption pattern, wastage of energy, possibility of energy savings and project cost with its payback calculation.

We request you to empanel us as your Energy auditor / Consultant for your work on Energy Efficiency/ Energy Conservation / Energy Audit / Project Consultancy areas in your rice mill. We are hereby submitted the scope of energy saving in a typical rice mill for your kind reference and necessary action.

The followings are the possible energy saving area in a rice mill.

1. Reduction in distribution losses like voltage drop, earth leakage currents, unbalance currents, excess neutral current, poor earthing system etc.
2. Installation of variable frequency drives in compressors, pumps, blowers
3. Improvement of power quality like Reactive Power compensation and power factor improvement.
4. Identifying motor ratings and reorganised as per standard.
5. Installation of soft starter and Automatic delta star converter
6. Installation of Energy saver with automatic control for lights and water pumps
7. Waste heat Recovery from Flue gases from Boiler
8. Heat recovery at parboiling soaking plant
9. Recovery of Heat based Cogeneration System
10. Improving Boiler efficiency with FD fan optimisation and installation of VFD
11. Improving Steam distribution system
12. Damper controlled Drier
13. Automatic boiler blow down control system
14. Water level controller in soaking tank
15. Installation of copper finned tubes in heat exchanger replacing MS tubes
16. Improved parboiling technology, where applicable.
17. Pre-heating of boiler feed water by Solar Water System
18. Application of Solar Drying System
19. Gasification technology for power generation
20. Identify and installation of automatic controls for different loads
21. Energy Efficient O & M Schedule

For further details, please mail your technical queries
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