"eco friendly insect trappers"


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Dear friends,
We are manufacturing two types of insect trappers one is useful in cow sheds, homes, hotel, resorts, and another is open place. use it can attract all types of insects and when the insect come near to the light the fan below the light will suck the insect in to the bin. the other one is mainly used for agriculture field this instrument will come with a stand and bin solar panel in this we re providing a bin to place under the light filled with water in the stand the insect attract to the will drop in to the bin filled with the water.
If interested give me your number or Email Id


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insect trappers

I would like to buy one request to let me know whom to contact and where

My details:

vijay reddy
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Hi Vinay,

Please send me the details in my mail ID or call me on my cell
Thanks & Regards,

Jay Keer
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eco friendly insect catcher

kindly send me details and pictures
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