Dry Amla



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I would like to buy good quality " dry amla" for the international market. Please send details about the drying and storage process and practices. Thanks!


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Dear Sir,

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We are Agri Age Farms under the aegis of Sai Prerna Trust (A NGO). We are working with 750+ farmers in more than 5000 Acres of Land Area across the country. We are motivating them for diversified farming and providing them training by our expert team & associate training partner organisations. We are helping them to sell their produce in reasonable rates at their Farms without harass. In the manner we are increasing the Organic Produces on regular basis by explaining the benefits of the farms productivity & users health related issues.

We are able to supply you dried amla sir. Let us know the quantity required. Kindly send a mail to "agriagefarms@gmail.com"


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Ajeet Singh (Chairman)

Agri Age Farms (Under aegis of Sai Prerna Trust - A NGO)


New Delhi, India.

+91 85 100 23 145