Details on Horticulture Farming.


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I am planning to start Horticulture Farming in Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

My planning is like as below.

Total Land - 06 Acre
Total Trees - 6000
Pods per tree - 20 KG
Market price per KG - INR 30

Total Income - 6000X20X30=3600000

I need your insights on my calculation of Income so that I can correct if required.


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I think you are talking about Moringa farming.
I can give you a project with financial report. So you can get the maximum benefits.
I charge 30000 for DPR.

Contact me 9058000145


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Hi friends
Iam resident of Telangana
Rangareddy district
I want to do horticulture
Marriage flowers
Could you help me
How I get subsidy from govt

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