Cow Dung Selling


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We get around 2 Tractor loads of cow dung every Week in our dairy farm situated near Bangalore.

What is the price i can expect per load? Please suggest




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I am Ravi, will start my dairy farm from July 2011 and currently in a process of visiting other nearby dairy farms to get some practical knowledge.
Can you give me your contact # OR address, so that i can visit you dairy farm to get some knowledge, if you are ok with it..!!

Thanks In Advance,
Better alternate to dairy farm

Mr. Ravi,

Like you I was also keen on starting a dairy farm. I have spent neary a year surveying and understanding this line of business. In the end decided that it is not worth going in for dairy farm. I would like to help you out with alternate business plans. You can reach me . anytime during 9am to 7pm. I would be more than happy to help you out.


Srinivas Sadasyula
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Hi this is badri here good evening srinivas sir,

I spoken over the phone regarding papaya thanks for details,

Please contact..

Badarinath S
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