Required Consultant for Vermicompost Manufacturing Unit


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Need a consultant to setup a Vermicompost Unit using Cow-Dung with 50 Tonnes/day input capacity.
I can help you with this project. I have handled training of over 5,000 people in various taluks of Karnataka. I can furnish more details if you contact me.


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Do you own large dairy farm ? Why vermicompost ?
Go for biogas first ...and sell compressed biogas to Govt of India @ Rs 43/ kg and then sell bio slurry as ready to use liquid fertiliser ...
Yes. That is the basic idea.
But we want to separate the solid from Slurry and then perform Vermicomposting on this.


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Is there any minimum Biogas production require to supply Govenment?
Upto 250 kW capacity for power generation and 2500 m3 CBG is eligible for CFA , above it not eligible . Minimum 10 MT / day capacity feedstock based plant is economically viable .

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