Coco Cultivation


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Dear Members,
we have coconut form in Erode Dt, Tamil nadu. We recently came to know about coco. We like to understand its more about cultivation of coco, marketing, demand for coco and profit expected and etc.

If any one knows about this please share with me.

Thank you.

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Nutmeg cultivation


Nutmeg cultivation is veruy of intercrop cultivation in coconut gatdens.Regarding cocoa is also good cultivation and demand is more for cocoa now a days.But as per observation nutmeg 7 cocoa cultivation is very best in coconut gardens

For more details plz contact us;

A Sivakumar
Priya Nursery Garden


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information on coco

Iam from Erode and can give you first hand information on coco as iam cultivating the same for the last 10 years.


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coca and intercorping information...

intercroping by itself is a specilised field and there are lot of parameters to be taken into consideration before choosing an inter please obtain knowledger through extensive field visits and never depend on govt agri officers as they are only interested in subsidy schemes of the govt.....


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Hi Rajkumar,
I am trying to cultivate coco in our coconut farm as inter-crop. can you pls provide more info on this. I am from Sathyamangalam, is there any fields near by to visit. Thanks in advance.


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