China will have huge Cheese demand which generates Extensive Market Space


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Bharatbook added a new report on "China's Cheese Market Research Report" which gives the Technological Environment of China’s Cheese Industry.

China's Cheese Market Research Report

Cheese is a dairy product with best nutritional value and health care function, and it is widely popular in many countries in the world with good taste and diverse flavor. In countries with developed dairy industry and some developing countries, cheese occupies an important position in the residents' dietary structure. To some extent, per capita cheese consumption is an important measure of dietary quality and level in a country. In European, American and Oceanian countries, per capita cheese consumption is maintained at about 20kg. Cheese is not only a kind of nutrition, but also reflects a Western culture. Practical experience shows that, for the East Asian countries which lack dairy consumption, the Western food culture plays an important role in promoting Western residents' food consumption including cheese. Seen from the experiences of Japan and South Korea, economic development and cultural opening-up are important impetus to cheese consumption. In recent years, China' s cheese market supply and demand continue to grow, with production and import increasing.

The market supply and demand in 2009 is roughly 30,000 tons, and the annual growth rate in recent years is 20% or so. In addition, the current market is mainly located in major cities in coastal provinces. The consumer group mainly consists of three parts: first, overseas returnees, cheese becomes their daily food because of dietary needs; second, foreigners in China, they also have the dietary needs, but the consumption amount is limited; third, the children or young consumers, they accept the Western-style fast food, cake and other foods in the past 3-5 years, recognize the existence of cheese, thus becoming the most potential consumers. Cheese market has developed rapidly in recent years, which shows that the cheese consumption group is increasingly mature. But generally speaking, China' s cheese market is still in its infancy and growth stage in cities, the national per capita cheese consumption is only 20 grams, almost negligible; cheese products are almost not found in many medium and small cities. With China' s rapid economic growth and increasingly frequent international exchanges, China will have huge cheese demand which generates extensive market space.

The contents of this report include: overall development of China's cheese industry, policy environment of China’s cheese industry, technological environment of China’s cheese industry, cheese industry import and export situation, basic pattern of the cheese market, cheese (with emphasis on cream cheese, cheddar cheese and Mozzarella cheese) market capacity and growth trend, cheese market consumption situation, cheese market competition pattern, cheese market future trend, major cheese manufacturers, and so on.

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