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General Information
China Crop Protection Summit (CCPS) is the most featured event belonged to CCM. Dated back to 2009, it’s the fourth year that CCM has hosted the event. CCPS provides an ideal platform for obtaining the latest market intelligence information, networking with key global industry market leaders, and hearing from key delegates and industry experts on market “HOT TOPICS.”

In China Crop Protection Summit 2012, we will continue to provide one and a half days conference plus half a day pre-conference workshop with more than 15 hot topics.

All sessions will be simultaneously translated in English and Mandarin so that you can understand and communicate with the speakers and audiences promptly.
Why to attend the conference?
-To identify the hot crop protection products
-To keep tracking the governmental regulations and impacts on crop protection industry
-To get a clear picture on key growth points of China's crop protection market
-To find out latest technology innovation and influential reform in crop protection industry
-To know Chinese companies' marketing strategies and product circulation mode
-To penetrate into China's pesticide export status and future trend
-To seek cooperation with Chinese companies for further development
-To establish relationship with attendants for future cooperation; to share experience and create new business opportunity

Who should attend?
- Crop protection manufacturers
- Agrochemicals Trading Agent
- Pesticides purchasing agents
- Crop protection consultancies
- Research institutions
- Academia

March 8th & 9th, 2012

Ramada Plaza Gateway, Shanghai, China

CCM International Limited

Conference fee
Standard rate
Conference USD$ 1,599 + Workshop USD$ 599

Early bird offer
Book before 30th Nov, 2011, you will enjoy 20% off
Book before 15th Jan, 2012, your will enjoy 10% off

Sponsorship Fee
USD$11,000 with one free ticket for entry

(1) Hot crop protection products

Bright prospect for strobilurin fungicides in China
-Development of off-patent strobilurin fungicides in China
-China's R&D of strobilurin fungicides
-China's demand for strobilurin fungicides
-Prospect for strobilurin fungicides in the future

Market situation and future trend of bio-pesticides in China
-Current market situation of bio-pesticide
-Bio-pesticide R&D in China
-Drivers for bio-pesticide’s fast development
-Prospect of bio-pesticide development

New opportunities for development of 2,4-D
-China's 2,4-D supply and its impact on global market
-Development of 2,4-D-tolerant crops and the new opportunities for 2,4-D
-Problems (such as waste treatment) and solutions

(2) Regulation and Legislation

China's 12th Five Year Plan for Pesticide Industry
-Detail of the 12th Five Year Plan for Pesticide Industry
-How it's going to influence the pesticide industry in the future.
-What's pesticide players' strategies?

Identify the latest EC formulations policy
-Market situation of EC formulations in China
-New EC formulations policy from MIIT and MOA
-How it is going to work on the development of EC formulations.
-R&D of substitutes and development of eco-friendly solvents for EC formulations

Revision of "Regulations for Pesticide Industry" in China
-Change in the forthcoming "Regulations for Pesticide Industry"
-The policy's influence on pesticide industry

The increasing tight environmental policy in China
-Latest change in government's attitude toward environment protection
-Its impact on pesticide production in China
-Progress on pesticide companies' relocation into pesticide industrial parks

(3) Trends and highlights
China's pesticide export and import 2011
-Overview of pesticide export and import situation in 2011
-New feature of China pesticide import and export
-Projection of China's pesticide export and import in 2012

New marketing strategies in domestic pesticide industry
-Latest trends in domestic pesticide industry
-The new trends' influence on marketing strategies
-Comparison among different marketing strategies

Intellectual property rights protection (IPRP) for agochemicals in China
-Current situation of IPRP in China
-Governments' regulations on IPRR
-Companies' strategy towards IPRP

Advance of waste treatment technology for organophosphorus pesticides
-Market situation of the organophosphorus pesticides in China
-Advance of waste treatment technology for organophosphorus pesticides
-Problems and possible solutions

Speeding up farmland integration in China
-Background for farmland integration in China (current situation and government's policy)
-Prospect of farmland integration in the future
-Its impact on modern agriculture
-Challenges and opportunities for agriculture material companies (pesticide, seed, fertilizers, etc.)

Challenges and chances caused by pesticide resistance
-Current pesticide resistance situation in China
-Key pesticides resisted by pest insects and diseases
-Challenges and chances caused by pesticide resistance

(4) Growth market
Market situation and opportunity for urban pests control in China
-Current market situation of urban pests control
-Product structure of urban pests control
-Opportunities for the control of urban pests
-Problems and solutions

Fast development of plant growth regulator in China
-Current market situation of plant growth regulator
-Government's policies on plant growth regulator
-Prospect for plant growth regulator development
-Problems and solutions

How to control invasive crops in China
-Current situation of invasive crops in China
-Opportunities for the control of invasive crops

(5) Workshop

Challenges and opportunities in the stagnant crop protection market
-Domestic pesticide companies' performance in recent years
-Existing problems (overcapacity, price rise of raw material, appreciation of RMB, higher labor cost, impacts from oversea companies, etc.)
-How would key pesticide companies' respond to the challenges?
-How to improve their competitive strengths? (M&A, integration in upstream and downstream, development of off-patent products, etc.)

Investment opportunities in China's agriculture industry
-Development of China's agricultural industry
-Government's attitudes toward investment in the industry
-Latest key investment dynamics
-What are the opportunities and how to prevent risks?

About Organizer - CCM
CCM is a leading consulting company with 10 years experience in market research on agriculture, life science and chemicals in China, and it has build up good reputation among 500-fortune companies, such as BASF, Bayer, Syngenta etc.

CCM has hosted its branded events: China Crop Protection Summit (abbreviated as CCPS) for 3 successive years from 2009. China Crop Protection Summit provides an ideal platform for those interested to understand China’s crop protection industry, obtain the latest market intelligence, network with key global industry market leaders, and hear the opinions of key delegates and industry experts on China’s crop protection market. It has become a successful communication platform for companies at home and abroad to attend every year.

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