Can anyone help me with details on how do i start a dairy farming business


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Can anyone help me with details on how do i start a dairy farming business
i need to start this in HYD. how much of finance is required and is any loans or subsidy given by the government. can i get the project plan if anyone has



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Dear sir,
SAKTHI DAIRY FARM Cell no /whats app +91 9790446026 . we do sell all types of cows , buffalo and give guidance to new dairy farmer regarding dairy farm project report ,dairy farm construction work address : , Place : karur-District,Tamilnadu


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We are looking for active partners who are interested in starting a dairy operation near Madurai. We already have the land and most of infrastructure in place and the right partner will bring dairy business experience and willingness to manage daily operations. Please msg for more details.


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For 10 no of buffaloes graded murrah is suitable costs about rs.4.5 Lakhs to Rs.5.00 Lakhs
For growing fodder crops in 2.00 acre are sufficient provided irrigation facilities are available.
2 workers are sufficient to look after the unit
30 x 20 feet shed is enough for 10 animals costs about Rs.1.50 Lakhs
Inintial capital investment will be around 7.00 to 7.5 Lakhs. for general scheme. (under Dairy Entreprunership program of NABARD , unit cost is Rs.6.00 Lakhs out of which 1.50 lakhs will be the subsidy for 10 animals)
One person from your family must take care of the unit with proper feeding will be successful.
Hither to labour from Bihar are working with a monthly salary of Rs.10000/- Local people are not willing to work in dairy units is problem in A.P
You can approach a commercial bank for term loan of Rs.5.40 Lakhs for the same you have to mortgage agricultural land or a vacant site valued at Rs.10 Lakhs .
Daiiry Entrepreneurship development (DED) subsidy program of GOI is being implemented by the NABARD which is yet to be announced for this year. Under this scheme 25 % subsidy is available out of the unit cost of Rs.6.00 Lakhs
You are required to pay nomimal consultation fee and also cost of project report

Please contact us for project report for availing Bank term loan:

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