For Sale BUY BACK SCHEME -Areca Plates /Cups making machines -special offer by EOCIndia



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Dear sir I'm Karthik located at Hassan,Karnataka and I'm interested in your above project.Please send us your contact details i.e. contact number & E-mail Id to enable us to contact you personally.or Please contact...9964584367.Awaiting your prompt & positive response.Regards.Karthik .

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I want to start paper plate prodution

Dear Sir,

I like you offer so please if you have paper plate making machine and raw material with buy back scheme then share the rates.

Feel free to contact

Amol Deshmukh

Buy Back Scheme is nothing but supply of Areca Plate Making Machines with raw materials and getting back the finished products of areca plates in return consideration.

The scheme ]is the long term project .

We explain herein below ,Terms & conditions , Machine details ,speciality of the scheme and Production & Profitability Statement of Buy Back


1. Terms of Payment is 50% advance on the date of confirmation and balance against delivery and tax 12.50% extra.

2. A term of Delivery is ex-factory Coimbatore and transport to the required destination is extra.

3. All Types of Dye Sets Available (Round, square, Star)

4. Raw Material cost : Rs.1.50 per Leaf

5. Raw Materials 1 Load 10000 Leafs *1.50=Rs.15, 000/-

6. Machine Deliver period is within 20 Days.

7. Small Scale Industries Certificate will be arranged

8. Working Contract Agreement will be signed separately

9. One Year Guarantee is provided for Machines

10. No Guarantee For Electric Items

Buy Back Policy - SPECIALITY of this Scheme

 Buy Back Policy is the speciality of our scheme.
 Raw materials will be supplied
 Finished product/ plates will be purchased at fixed price.
 Assured sales coupled with assured raw material supply
 It is agreed that the Raw material supply and buying back the finished product is on long term basis.


 Individual Machines for each sizes
 Each Machine consists of 2 heaters for male and female dyes respectively.
 The Dye is moulded totally in aluminium
 The cutting blade is made of S.S.
 Automatic machine consists 1 ½ HP Motor in each machine
 Automatic machine totally operated by oil hydraulic pressure
 The capacity of each oil tank is 37 Ltrs/ hydraulic machines
 Machine is painted in metallic colours
 Easily handled and simply operated
 Cost effective machine and weight about 1 tonne (3 tonne for hydraulic machines)
 1 Year guarantee for all the machine non electrical parts.

S.NO Machine Model Daily Prod,(2 Shift) Plate Rate Income
01. 12”Dye Set Machine with Double Heater(750 Watts) 600 1.80* 1080.00
02. 10” Dye Set Machine With Double Heater(750 Watts) 600 1.20* 720.00
03. 8” Dye Set Machine With Double Heater(500 Watts) 600 0.70* 420.00
04. 6” Dye Set Machine With Double Heater(500Watts) 600 0.40* 240.00
4” Dye Set With Double Heater
(350 Watts)
Machine 600 0.25* 150.00
Total Amount of Production 2610.00
*Including All Transport Charges

Required Leaf (Including Transport Charges)*1000*1.40 =1,400.00
Workers Salary*-120.00*2 (For Men) =240.00
70.00*2(For Women) =140.00
Electricity Expense*40 Units * 1.80(if SSI is Used) =72.00
Other Expense *(Building Rent, Packing Materials, Tea Expense) =75.00

Daily Income from Produced Plates (Refer Production Details) =2,610.00
Less Expense =1,927.0
Net Income =683.00
Net Income from Month26 Days*683.00 =17,758.00
*Per Day


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There are many companies from Delhi and especially from the north, that have come up with the same or similar projects, but they are instead luring innocent public into their well-laid trap and deceiving them of their hard earned money.

This post from eocindia seems genuine, but just for a certain clarification and confirmation, can eocindia answer what is the difference between those thugs and you.

If possible, it is also appreciated if you can suggest/advise, what is the plight of those who had fallen bait to those so called self-employment generating companies

Thank you!


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Intrested in the Arecanut Paper Plate Manufacturing Machine

Myself Ganesh From banglore i would like to start Paper Plate Manufacturing.Please do provide your complete details to contact you.I understood the complete details ,But i need to know where to contact you in Banglore.please let me know ASAP.


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paper plate buyback policy

Myself Sunil From Bangalore, i would like to start Paper Plate Manufacturing.Please do provide your complete details to contact you.I understood the complete details ,But i need to know where to contact you in Bangalore. please let me know .....ASAP.
will start the business either in Kozhikode in Kerala or Bangalore

also want to know the minimum investment approxand regarding buy back policy
my mail id


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I am interest in Areca platescheme

I am interest in Areca plate scheme..
kindly sent me your contact details...
or you can call me


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areca leaf plate making project details and also buy back sceeme

give me full detailes to my mail ID....
Please contact....
hiii Am from Maharshtra i want details about areca leaf plate making can u send me details about that on my mail id contact me on 9922299942