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We are company based in mumbai dealing in to stell products. now we want to diversify in farming busines as we are having many vacant land. we are looking for Candidate who wll head this farming business. He should have knowledge of selection of land ,selection of crop till sales. Also organic farming exprience required.

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Office: - H. no: 1-4-42 Saradhinagar, Khammam-3
Tools: - H.No:3-5-14 Pumping Well Road, Khammam-3. (A.P)-INDIA.

Email:- Date:-10-09-2014.

It is very pleasure to introduce ourselves as the consultancy. Since 2006
We undertake the consultations of Dairy Farms, Plantation Development Projects& Mining Projects in India .

• Organic Farming, Eco- friendly, Scientific, and Special. methods,
• Dairy Farming in a special methods that too organic dairy,
• Nabard PDR prepartion,
• Fish Pound construction and devlopment,through governament schems,
• Cost control & grade control for its entire life, developing in very perfect manner,
Updates and Status for every month.
• Landscaping Projects and development.
• Farm House Construction.
• Plantation in Mining lease as well as outside area.
• We construct pound farms for fishing and irrigation purpose.
• Plantation in agriculture fields.
• Plantation on slope ground & hill terrain by contour trench method.
• National Horticulture Board application farword.

Profile: Work done by our organization will maintain standard and quality, we move with the client till development of the project.
Note: We are having our own nursery with quality new varieties (GREEN WORLD)

Yours Faithfully,

D. Leela Manohar, (field manager).
Work done by our organization will maintain Standard & Quality

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