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Lots of AI forum members emailed me with a request to provide experienced farm worker from my network for short term to help them in new farm project .
Most of my farm workers are from Northeast , Jharkhand and West Bengal .

One of our most experience farm worker is ready to take up outstation farm project assignments .

Age : Male (age 56 , physically active )
Food habit : Vegetarian
Lingual skill : Hindi , Bengali and understandable English
Farming skill : Multitasker ( MAP cultivation , Agriculture , Horticulture , Fishery , Poultry , Nursery , Permaculture , Terrace Garden , Value addition etc. )
Compensation : 12-15K / month + to & fro travel expanses

If anyone is interested to hire him , please send info mail to bhcv@ymail to arrange a telephonic interview with the person .
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Pls let me know if interested in profit sharing plan instead of salary basis
The cattle economy was a perfect example of the circular economy of the country’s poorest.
Cows were called productive till they milk—from the age of three to 10.
But they live up to 25-30 years, when they are economically unproductive.
Most owners used to sell their unproductive and male cattle .
The income from this is then ploughed back into buying new cattle, thus self-sustaining an economy that supports the poorest the most.
Now, due to stringent anti-cow trade laws in our country ; dairy is no longer sustainable business for small dairy owners .
Unless the government should understand fast and step back from regressive laws that hamper dairy growth , Dairy is not profitable business .


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In order to avoid future losses ,,,,,,,
First take proper ONJOB training at proper GOSHALA/proper dairy farm under proper expert.
we arrange such trainings .

whats app/ telegram 9822194289 and 8624070972

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