around 50 ton mangoes for sale



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Hi Members,

My father-in-law grows very high quality mangoes in Tuticorn region in a 30 acre farm. This season the quantity of mango expected (approximately) are:
Banganapalli variety
- 50 tons (From ~1330 trees)
Imampasand variety
- 5 tons (From ~100 trees)
Benglura variety
- 5 tons (From ~100 trees)
Rumani variety
- 5 tons (From ~100trees)

The expected harvest is around end of april.
Anybody interested in entering into a contract for all the mangoes or part of it can contact the farmer directly ONLY if you can speak in tamil at 9444781163.

If you do not speak in Tamil, please call me at 9880603390 and I can help you with information needed.

The mangoes are of very good quality. From past experience the size of each mango is observed to be between 250 gms (For small mangoes) to 500 gms (For large mangoes) with the average size being around 350 gms per mango.

The current flowering season has been good and the harvest is expected to be good.

Note: He also grows yam in a 2 acre farm which is ready for immediate sale, if interested please check with him about the same.

Shiva Maran