Aromatic & Non-aromatic Paddy Varieties (Native / Traditional Variety Paddy Seeds)


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Behuria Agro Farm offers different aromatic & non-aromatic paddy varieties (We have many paddy varieties which have different colour, size, taste and utilities). We offer the smallest paddy to the longest one, the thinnest to the fattest one and also having different utilities like the best for raw rice / para boiled rice / pullau / biryani / khir (Kheer) / puffed rice / chuda (Flattened rice) etc.

We invite you to explore the amazing world of rice and taste the real gift of nature.

The seeds of the following varieties are available now. (Please book your seeds in advance)

1. Basmati (aromatic) - Duration: 135 days - Yeilding: 1000kg / acre - Uses: Pullau
2. Nalihati (non-aromatic) - Duration: 135 days - Yielding: 1400kg / acre - Uses: Raw rice, Chuda (flattened rice)
3. Padmakeshari (aromatic) - Duration: 145 days - Yielding: 1800kg / acre - Uses: Raw rice, Biryani
4. kalamoti (aromatic) - Duration: 140 days - Yielding: 1300kg / acre - Uses: Raw rice, Biryani
5. Balami (aromatic) - Duration: 140 days - Yielding: 1600kg / acre - Uses: Raw rice, Biryani
6. kalajiri (aromatic) - Duration: 140 days - Yielding: 1500kg / acre - Uses: Raw rice, Biryani, Khir
7. Tulasibasa (aromatic) - Duration: 135 days - Yielding: 1300kg / acre - Uses: Raw rice, Pullau
8. Pimpudibasa (aromatic) - Duration: 135 days - Yielding: 1400kg / acre - Uses: Raw rice, Biryani

Behuria Agro Farm, (+91) 9776211145,
MIG - II, 14 / 11, BDA Colony,
Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar, Orissa - 751016, India,

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Dear Members and Users of & Behuria Agro

Thank you for your product detail posting. We would like to share an information that We have collected more than 1,000 varieties of Aromatic, Non Aromatic Traditiona, Rarest Paddy seeds for our own collection from various sources using our wide farmer network. We recently add an oldest unknown variety which dates back to 11 th century, it is from Kalingam/ Orissa.

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