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I want to grow Alovera in 15 acers, may Iknow where can I sale it, who is going to buy from area.

I am from near Ongole, Prakasam District, Andhrapradesh.
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Before planting alovera, contact with companies making skin / hair / body / face care creams. Also make it commercial farming and plant in more places and try to lease more land. Because the companies shall require more quantity being they are MNCs. Try to make 100% buy-back agreement and plant more against their requirements.
Before planting, contact the companies (avoid Emails, use postal system) and ask their requirements. Try to get more land for contract farming or lease to fulfill the buyer's requirements. Try to plant other big plants (mango, amala, teak) in between alovera to get extra income.
I once again remind you, don't plant any thing before you get a sincere buyer.
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