Good quality planting material of the Aloevera is available with us. The aloevera baby plants specifications are as follows

• Variety Aloevera barbendasis
• 6- 9 inch in size
• Green in colour
• Good medicinal values
• Material is in ready stock
• More than 10,00,000 Plants available

The planting material will be well packed and delivered to your location. Please send us your query with you complete contact information

Neem Cake for sale

We can supply neem Neem cake in bulk quantity. We produce good quality , Neem Manure ,neem cake and neem oil Please contact us with required quantity and the packing size.

Neem is play a major role in agriculture. it can e used as manure, aspesticide, as fungiside.... We can supply you neem cake and neem oil on regular basis. Our quality is good.... It is a piller or organic agriculture.. Good quality neem oil and neem cake is available for sale.The neem oils is extracted from the forest neem carnels. The quality is very good , It is very good for organic agriculture for biopesticide purpose.....

Please contact for neem oil, neem ckae, neem cake powder, neem pesticide

Please send us your query . We have material in ready stock

Organic Farm Input

If you thing that the organic farm iputs are good for your helath then contact us . We can supply you organic farm input at a very competative rate. like vermi compost, neem manure, neme cake, neem oil, trichodrama compost.Please Contact us for by private message ..The main part of organic agriculture is farm input . If farm inputs are not organic then can create a problem and if the pest is not managed they will make a huge loss.. So make your own input and be happy grow healthy and Eat healthy.... Please send me your complete query to my mail id with contact details

Neem Oil Available

We can provide you the neem oil at a very good price. It is good fro the insect pest management for the crop. there is not any side effect on the crop . it is biodegradable. The application shows very good result in standing crop. Please send me your query with complete contact information.