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The name Aloe Vera or True Aloe comes from the Arabic word Alloeh meaning "Shining bitter substance".Aloe Vera plants are basically tropical succulent plants. They are cultivated in tropical or sub tropical regions where weather condition is not chilling.

Introduction to Aloevera

Aloe vera belongs to the family Liliacae and is mainly cultivated for its thick fleshy leaves. There are 300 known species of Aloevera in the world out of which Aloe Barbadensis Miller is considered as the best type with 95% of medicinal properties.

In India Aloe, Vera has been referring to as "kumari’ in Ayurvedic treatments where it was popularly use to treat the sore eyes, abrasions and wounds. Aloe is use in various forms including pulp, juice, aloe medicines, cosmetics etc .Aloe Vera is full of medicinal properties & it is effective in treating various body ailments.

Medicinal uses

Scientists over the world have researched that Aloevera has important role in treating 320 major diseases Aloevera has now been accredited by “American Food & Drug Bureau E.E.C. (European Agency) & The Islamic Seal for its great

HCMS is also promoting various Aloe Vera products
1.Aloe vera juice
2.Aloe Vera Plant
3.Aloe Vera Gel
4.Aloe Vera Leaves

HCMS an NGO, assisting farmers in cultivating medicinal plants so farmers get financial freedom. HCMS is promoting Aloe Vera cultivation all over India. HCMS has promoted approx.700 acres land & trained 200 farmers for Aloe cultivation in Rajasthan. HCMS supplies:
1.Aloe juice
2.Aloe Plant
3.Aloe Gel
4.Aloe Leaves

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