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Agri Business query - Mushroom Farming


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My name is Seeta and me and my husband are planning to begin a agriculture based business, we hail from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Hence wanted to know any good options of cultivation in and around Maharashtra and the demand for the business

We do have a thought in our mind of starting mushroom farming, but wanted to know the market demand for it either in Maharashtra or Goa, as our hometown is Goa.

My specific questions on Mushroom farming in Goa are:

Which particular mushroom can be grown and the suitable weather conditions
Demand for the specific kind of mushroom in Goa
Area of land required to cultivate the mushrooms
What kind of storage conditions required
Level of investment required. Since planning to begin in small scale. please suggest accordingly.
Contact details of the wholesalers

And I needed to know about the answers for the same, if we were to begin the farming in and around Maharashtra state

Hoping for a quick response


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Hi seeta,
At present 3 mushrooms are being cultivated in India. These are : the white mushroom (Agaricus bisporus), the paddy-straw mushroom (Volvariella vovvacea) and the oyster mushroom (Pleurotus sajor-caju). Of these, A. bisporus is the most popular and economically sound to grow and is extensively cultivated throughout the world. However, due to its low temperature requirement, its cultivation is restricted to the cool climatic areas and to the winter in the plains of Northen India. In summer, the tropical paddy-straw mushroom is suitable for growing in most parts of India. Even then it is less attractive commercially owing to very low yield per unit weight of the substrate and an extremely short shelf-life. But, as a kitchen-garden crop it is preferred because it is very delicious and nutritous.
Oyster mushroom can grow at moderate temperature ranging from 220 to 280C. therefore, it is suitable for most of the places of India. It is a familiar item in the menu of most hotels in Bangalore, goa, pune where it is being grown commercially.

the climate conditions prevailing during different seasons can be exploited for growing mushroom throughout the year. To this a year-wise production schedule is suggested :
Mid-November to Mid-March : Agaricus bisporus
February to Mid-April : Pleurotus sajor-caju
Mid-June to Mid-September : Volvariella volvacea
September to November : Pleurotus sajor-caju

CAn give a few address who are into commercial cultivation and export in MAharsahtra.
1 MAnasvi Oyester mushroom cultivators, NAgpur
2.AAsh farms, Thane
3.ushroo ltd, pune.

YOu can also viist the KVk in GOa its in the ICAr Complex. They help you in giving training.


Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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Hi Ashwini,

Thanks for your reply. But let me clear my query again. We want to begin agriculture based business in GOA or Maharashtra. So wanted suggestion on type of agri business we could start in this region depending on its climatic condition, demand for the produce, investment required, training centres etc. For your info we want to start small scale initially.

Mushroom farming is one of our thought's. We would appreciate if you could suggest other options.

Could you provide contact details of wholesellers and cultivators of mushroom that you have mentioned and also those in Goa as we did contact ICAR there but they could not provide us information on private producers and neither they have any training scheduled. So this doesn't help us to take the next step.

Appreciate if you could help us in our venture and in promoting agriculture.Pls send the contact details via private message as i am paid member an it doesn't help if i get the same info as i would if i was a junior member .

Waiting for a prompt reply.


Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)