• Training Programme For Green House Cultivation



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• Training Programme For Green House Cultivation

The aim of this project is to provide a device which would assist farmers in carrying out complex everyday tasks involved in Polyhouse Farming, assist them in monitoring, irrigating, fertilizing, planning and maintaining the crops, as well as providing assistance and backbone support in case of emergency situation .
Project involved exploring Polyhouse plantation process, problems faced by farmers
People who want to enter a new area of activity generally tend to do some study and gather knowledge. Training an important source for this purpose as they can meet there all reputed suppliers of technology in that field.
Indians, known to be innovative, tend to adopt the technology best suited to local needs. We believe India will emerge as a strong market for the greenhouse.
The Greenhouse Technology is an appropriate intervention for crop, production, particularly in hostile climatic conditions. It has the potential to give manifold production of quality produce round the year from small land holdings compared to the open field cultivation. A greenhouse works on the principle that crop production is influenced not only by hereby but also by the micro – climate around the plant.
Advantages of Greenhouse:-
Greenhouse technology is highly relevant under Indian conditions due to variant agro – climatic condition of the country. The list of advantages includes providing favorable micro climatic conditions for the plant, cultivations in all seasons is possible, higher yield with better quality per unit area, less irrigation, suitability for cultivating high value / off – season crops, good control of pest and diseases, helping in raising early nurseries, round the year propagation of planting material, protection of the crops from wind, rain, snow, bird, hail etc., generation of self – employment.

Training Activity–
1. Training a Greenhouse Construction & maintain.
2. How to approach the bank for making project report / bank loan/ subsidy.
3. Guidance in water management & fertigation.
4. Guidance a planning for plantation.
5. Use of pesticides & insecticides.
6. Training for the growing of crop in poly house like Gerbera, Carnation, Dutch Rose &Colour Capsicum.
7. Training for the harvesting of flower &vegetable with Attractive packing.
8. Guidance for theMarketing.
9. In training we guide how to grow high yield &Export quality of flower & vegetable.
10. To promote a new farmer for the growing of polyhouse.
11. Actual practical in poly house field.

Training Date – 29th August To 31st August,2016



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