vegetable seed

  1. Y

    Available Start your own vegetable seed company

    If you are interested in starting vegetable/crop based seed company with limited capital and resources to earn huge profit then be in touch. I provide basic plan and strategy to start seed company with limited resources.
  2. Y

    Opportunity Interested in starting your own vegetable seed company

    If you are interested in starting your own vegetable seed company with minimum investment in any part of the India then be in touch with me.
  3. L

    Red Lady papaya seed for sale

    Red Lady Papaya seeds are available in Leadhood seed Variety 709 is similar to the most popular papaya in India, but better disease resistant ability and more competitive price. For more info. please contact me by email
  4. S

    Need Untreated seeds for zbnf

    hello, I am much impressed with the concept of Zero budget natural farming. I have not attended any trainings on this so far.Can anyone suggest on the availability of untreated seeds of vegetable crops to follow this practice? If we follow ZBNF in paddy field of 1 acre with the untreated...
  5. M

    Desi Seeds of all vegetables and cereals

    We need seeds of all vegetables but must necessarily be "Desi Seeds" and not hybrid or BT, terminator, GM seeds for cultivating naturally farmed poison free medicinal food grains and vegetables. Please mention how you procured these seeds for checking the genuineness of the seeds.
  6. bharatbook

    Report on Vegetable Seed Market in China

    As the major component of agricultural cost, seed is considered to be upstream product. The market edge of seed will decide the market position. China is a large agricultural country. The annual average seed volume consumption is over than 12.5 billion kilograms. In 2008, the value that seed of...

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