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vegetable cultivation

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    Income of open cultivation of vegetables on 6 acres ?

    i have land near mumbai with ample water supply. can vegetable farming give me good returns and how and what should i do for getting that good returns. please members of this forum give me advice as how to go about with open vegetable farming and which vegetable to grow for good returns.
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    Sandalwood Plantation Consulting Services

    Hi All, We are a company that was formed with expert supervision and consultation with Scientist, biologist and promoters, with an intention to bring back Indians towards sustainable Agriculture. Few of the project highlights include;  Maximum Investment Security  Ethical Plantation...
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    Organic Seeds-Vegetable

    Have immidiate requiremnet of various vegetable seeds, open pollinated, untreated, certified organic vegetable seeds.
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    For Sale Hi-Tech Polyhouse is for Sale

    Hi pal, Hi-Tech Polyhouse with build in area of 10,000 acre) is ready for sale in Tamilnadu. Interested promotors plz contact through mail for detailed information, road map, facilities available, infrastructure and price K.Magudapathy M.Sc (Agri) please contact....