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teak for sale

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    For Sale TEAK TREES AVAILABLE FOR SALE at Sundarpur, Distt. Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh

    50 numbers of fully mature Teak Trees out of total 160 trees available for sale at Sundarpur, Distt. Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Age of trees = 30 years. Please contact
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    Sagwan Tree for Sale

    Hi All, I have planted 2000 sagwan tree on my land in 2 Acre Area in 2007-08. Now, I want to sell 150 of them to earn some money and start my business. Please guide e where to sell them or If anyone intrested then please do contact me on my email id i.e I am...
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    20 years old teak trees

    I want to sell my teak trees, planted around my home and grown by rain water. Total number of trees : 10 Trunk Size : 2 ft (Avg) Location (Alangudi Taluk , Pudukkottai District , Tamilnadu) Any one interested to buy can contact me on +91 9886430478
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    Teak trees for sale in panama

    I'm having 2.5 has of 6 years old teak trees for sale. Buyer will become the owner of the land as well. Maintenance is done by the operator of the plantation if asked for ($700/ha per year). The plantation is operated by the biggest (more than 3,000 ha) and oldest (more than 20 years) teak farm...
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    teak plant sale

    hi..this is from ganesh nursery garden. we have an teak plants,height-one and half feet ,black bag , 10
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    Teak Seedlings | Teak Seeds For Sale Tectona Grandis ( CV. Mitra Bibit )

    CV. Mitra Bibit Provide Teak Teak Seedling | Teak Sapling | Teak Seeds TECTONA GRANDIS . Any enquiries do not hesitante please freely Contact Us All Are Welcome Tectona grandis is an economically important species which is the source of most commercial teak wood products ...
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    teak , kumil, Pungan ,for sale

    GANESH NURSERY GARDEN QUOTATION Pungan Rs. 3.00 Naaval Rs. 3.00 Mugle Rs. 4.00 Red Sandal Rs. 8.00 Vengai Rs. 8.00 Kumil Rs. 8.00 Teak Rs. 7.00 Pakku Rs. 10.00 Peltabaram Rs. 15.00 (Bag Size: 16 x 31) Vembu Rs. 15.00 (Bag Size: 16 x 31) Pala Rs...
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    teak woods wanted

    teak woods and teak wood estates wanted huge quantity contact : sha navas .m.k.
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    Teak,red sandal,Bamboo, Sawuku

    hai everybody. A good news for you all. i plan to start new cultivation in my nursery for this year. for that iam going to sell my plants for offer rate. [B]red sandal, 1 1/2 feet, polythene bag form, ------ rate: rs.8/- Stone Bamboo, 2 feet, polythene bag form...
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    62 acres teak wood lane for sale in tamilnadu

    62 acres teak wood land for sale in erode to bavani total 5000 teak wood now 1000 teak wood is cutting condition contact : Sha navas .m.k.
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    Red sandal,Teak and kumil

    We have 1 lakh red sandal plant,teak plant (1.5lakhs) and kumil (75000) contact : Selva Ganesh
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    Teakwood plantation for sale in Tamilnadu, India

    Plantation for Sale in Tamilnadu, India. Location - Sengottai Taluk, Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu. Total Land Area - 73 Acre and 86 Cents. Land Survey Number- 1069, 1070/7E, 1070/7, 1070/7A1, 1070/1A1, 1070/1C, 1070/7A3, 1070/7B. Cutting Order Application Number - 49658, 49659...
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    Teak wood plantation for sale in Tamilnadu

    Teak wood plantation in sengottai is for sale. Total Land area - 73 Acres and 83 cents. Teakwood - 7100 trees - 1,20,000 CFT Black siris - 160 trees - 6000 CFT White siris - 400 trees - 10,000 CFT Arjun - 130 trees - 3000 CFT Rosewood - 13 trees Sandalwood - 7 trees Pala jathi - 1500...
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    Teak Wood from Plantation for Sale

    Teak wood from a 22 year old plantation is available for sale . Plant height is 25 to 30 feet . Circumference 45cms to 130 cms . Contact person AK Khairkar . Nagpur . No of trees 5000 .
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    Teak for Sale

    100,000 Cft Teak wood for sale in TN. Only serious parties please. Send me a private message with your contact info.
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    30 Years Old Teak Plants for Sale

    Dear Prospective Buyers, We have 70+ well cared for Teak Plants to sell from our farm. We cut few of these trees before for wood for couple of houses that my father wanted to build and came to know that the quality of the wood was really good. Apart from these 70+ trees which vary in Girth of...