1. S

    For Sale Pure Gir Cow For Sale

    Hi All, We supply Pure Gir Cows of 1st & 2nd lactations directly from Gujarat to all over India and especially to Andhra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala. We provide all documents free of cost for smooth passage of state borders. Transport + Insurance + labor + fodder is to b borne by...
  2. U

    I want to know about the Betel Leaf Oil Extraction from Steam Distillation

    I am expecting a setup a small scale Betel Leaf Oil extarcting plant. Could some one help me with the full process. Ex: 1> What temperature should used to extracts oil 2> After extract before exporting do we do something 3> How much betel leaves should used to get 1L of oil?
  3. A

    need jercy cow

    Dears i need 4 jercy cows to my dairy business
  4. prateekvaish

    Holstein, Jersey and crossbreed cows for sale

    Available at Model Dairy Farm:-  Holstein and Holstein Friesian cross Cows with milk yield capacity of 3000 to 7000 liters in a lactation ( 15 to 40 liters milk per day)  Holstein Heifers with pedigree records  All the Holstein cows are Functional Type- “good feet and good udders” ...

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