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pterocarpus santalinus

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    Looking for seeds of Nannari & Raktachandana in small quantities

    Decalepis hamiltonii English Swallowroot Kannada Magali/Makali Tamil Magali Telegu Madina/Maredu/Nannari Pterocarpus santalinus English Red Sanders/Red sandalwood Tamil Ciwappuchchandanam Telegu Raktachandana D Roy Mob 9866857846 email
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    Discussion To determine if going for Farm cultivation of Red Sanders is wise !

    Motivating factors to consider cultivation of Red Sanders / Pterocarpus santalinus / RaktaChandan (Telugu) I understand from some forum posts and some nureseries selling seedling that red sanders wood is sold at very high prices like Rs 800/Kg, Hence one can earn upto 30 crores from one...
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    Obtain 75% subsidy on Santalum album &Pterocarpus santalinus

    Obtain 75% subsidy on Santalum album-white sandalwood & Pterocarpus santalinus-red sandalwood from NHPB Grow Santalum album & Pterocarpus santalinus for 25-30 years There may be requirement of permission from state forest dept. pharmadig
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    RED SANDERS DYE (extract)

    Anybody interested in importing (from India) RED SANDERS DYE (Pterocarpus Santalinus) may contact. Source of supply is legal and licensed.