poultry chicks

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    3000 Pure Desi Chickens Available

    Approximate Size : Male :- 1.1 – 1.2 kg Female :- 900gms and above Rate per kg :- 130per kg Tathastu poultry farm, Anjandoh, Karmala, Dist. Solapur Min Order – 1000 birds Contact details:- Email :- tathastupoultry@gmail.com Phone Numbers :- 9930220789/9860851686
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    Middlemen make a killing at the cost of farmers

    The poultry industry in this part of the world is in the process of taking shape. The consumption is huge and the growth is upbeat. Though still unorganized, if tackled timely and effectively and given an appropriate course can figure as the corner stone of the economy and a founding of a...