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    Curcumin for Sale

    Sir, Curcumin 95% is available for immediate sale. Please call 9543925379 or mail to for your requirements.
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    For Sale panangali turmeric

    panangali turmeric of best quality on competitive prices Our supply capacity id 300 MT per month Your valued enquirers are solicited
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    panangal - dried turmeric root

    Dear Sir, We can supply good quality dried turmeric roots (Panangali) from tamilnadu at a best competitive price. kindly contact for your requirements. WBR, K. Lakshmanan
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    Sale of coleus dry root, panangali & turmeric

    Dear sirs, we can supply coleus dry roots in bulk, panangali and other types of herbal paoducts as per your requirements at a competitive price from tamilnadu, please contact -LAKSHMANAN