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meat goat

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    For Sale Sale Sheap meat purpose

    Hi We are supplying sheep for meat purpose regularly anywhere in India. We can supply one year age sheep (male and female) at low price . Our farm is located in Tamilnadu. Interested people contact us . Regards .
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    Goat and sheeps for sale

    GOAT AND SHEEPS FOR SALE We supply goats and sheeps “LIVE” for meat purpose in bulk quantities and also regular consignments. We need clear specifications of your requirement like total weight, variety, male/female, time and place. Prices may vary depending on the requirement, season...
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    Meat goat farming - need expert advice

    Hi I am Sevugamoorthy currently working in Chennai. I am planning to start a small meat goat farm in my native near kovilpatti-tamilnadu. I am gathering all possible info before doing a trial run on a smaller scale with local partner. I am currently in the process for procuring land of about 5...