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insulin plant leaves

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    Anti Diabetic Tea from Insulin Plant leaf !

    Anti diabetic Tea (Insulin Plant Leaf Tea /Costus Pictus ) - Looking for distributors from cities/town across India. All certification done. Existing distributors of FMCG product will be preferred. Min investment of Rs. 20,000/ only. Mail brief details to Nethra ogranic...
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    Insulin plant fresh leaves (Herbal sugar controller)

    Wanted wholesalers dealing vegetables/Keerai from Bangalore/Pondicherry as exclusive dealer for buying Insulin plant fresh leaves - CFostus Pictus leaves - (Organic herbal sugar controller) on alternative days. Supply from Vellore dist. Those who require Min 100 kg and above only need to...
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    Insulin Keerai (Insulin plant fresh leaves) avl for sale in Chennai.

    Insulin Keerai (Insulin plant fresh leaves) avl in Chennai. Vegetable/keerai vendors of whoesalers from other cities/town (other than Chennai) may contact us at 9444630429. Bulk and regular buyers only need contact. It is an Organic herbal sugar controller.