Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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    Agriculture Software

    Hi All, I am a software engineer and work at a big reputed eCommerce company in USA. I work on complex technical problems and feel that applying such technology to agriculture would be a boon. To give examples of the problems we solve: a. We crunch a lot of data and predict what kind of...
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    Need help, ideas & suggestions on growing medicinal plants / organic farmin at Puttur

    Hi, I have about 3 acres of land with ample water on Mysore - Mangalore highway. The land is situated exactly at Puttur. Have been looking for ideas to grow medicinal plants and or organic farming. The weather is humid and since its about 50 kms from the wetern ghats, it rains heavily from June...
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    Floriculture in Haryana.

    Dear all, We want to start a floriculture farm for cut flowers for export in south Haryana . My questions are 1) What would the investment be for a 3-4 acre farm 2) Will a farm of this size be viable 3) If not what else could be viable and give good returns in a farm this size. Thanks to...
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    Agri Business Ideas/Suggestions

    Hello Friends, This is Gunasekhar. I have a 7.5 acres of farm land in AP, 130KM from Bangalore. I have very good water source sufficient for cultivating the total land. From Apr-2012 I want to start something. My initial idea was Dairy Farming. But I want other profitable ideas from you...
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    Cultivation Help Required

    Hello Everybody, I have 3.75 Acres of Barren Fertile Land in pallakodu area with red Soil. I am planning to put a Bore and Fence Shortly. I do not know what to do in the land to make money as i am a Starter in Agriculture. I need suggestions or Advice, what can be grown and cultivated so...