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guar gum processing

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    Advertising Guar Product Export has increased by 57.78 % in four years

    As per data released by APEDA, export of guar products is increasing continuously since last four years. In year 2015-16 export of guar products was 3,25,249 MT. In year 2018-19 it has increased by 57.78 %. In year 2018-19 there was export of 5,13,210 MT of Guar products. Export of total guar...
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    Guar Gum Cultivation Consultancy

    Guar Gum Cultivation Consultancy Guar is emerging and highly preferred agriculture commodity. The demand from the oil and natural gas industry is increasing day by day. The powder of guar seed known as guar gum is used in franking process. India is the major producer of the Guar Gum in the...
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    Guar Gum Processing Consultancy

    Guar Gum Processing Consultancy Guar is emerging as an important crop. Guar seeds are processed into the Guar gum. The guar gum is further used in many industries. As it is a natural product with gel making property with water in different conditions. The demand of guar gum is...
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    Guar gum cultivation

    We provide the complete solution in the Guar cultivation. As per the commodity trend Guar has shown excellent results. Last month it was being sold at rs Rs 5,000/Quintal. The guar gum is used in many industries as a base product. the crop has bright future. The Guar crop mature in only 90-110...
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    guar gum cultivation consultancy

    We are pioneer in guar business. We provide complete consultancy for the guar cultivation. our expert will assist you in the complete agriculture practices of guar cultivation. We will provide you following solution for the guar cultivation. Identification of the suitable land selection...
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    Guar ( Guar Gum) : A crop with huge potential

    We are leading knowledge and technology provider for the guar or guar seed or guar gum in the world. The demand of the guar , guar seed and guar gum is increasing day by day. The major consumption is from Oil and natural gass industry. The industry consume huge amount of the guar gum as a...
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    Guar ( Guar Gum) Cultivation and Processing Project Report

    Project Report Guar gum processing Project Report Guar gum processing We can prepare the dedicated project report for guar gum cultivation and guar gum processing. This report will consist about the detail of the investment and profitability. We provide complete solution for the guar...