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    Shudh Farms – passion driven cattle farm in Chennai, Tamil Nadu rears Kankrej desi breed

    “I asked for a bull as gift from my mother after scoring 93% in my 12th standard! I love indigenous cattle breeds of India. These breeds are unique! Besides I was always inclined to do something for the environment so I started chemical-free farming and subsequently established cattle farm...
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    GIR cow in Orissa

    HI, I am interested to purchase some GIR cow in Coastal Orissa region. If anybody interested or have information, please contact me at 974-103-5753 Thanks Jitendra
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    Gir/Sahiwal cows needed

    Hi, I'm planning to start my dairy farm at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I'm planning only GIR and Sahiwal cows for my farm. Could some one please suggest me where to buy pure breeds of Gir and Sahiwal? I would be grateful if you could let me know how much these animals will cost approximately...
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    Wanted 6 Gir Cows

    Hi Everyone, I am Vivek from Hyderabad, and looking for pure breed of 6 Gir Cows. Please email me the details > Top quality Milk producing Gir Cows (2 Pregnant and 4 Non pregnant) > Transportation details to Hyderabad, India > Is it safe for Pregnant cows to travel > Daily feeding...
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    Gir Cows For Sale

    Hi All, We r interested to sell 15 Purebred Gir cows of first lactations. They all r 6-7 months pregnant. Our location is Nagpur, Maharashtra. Those who r interested to buy can contact us on the number mentioned below. Regards Chetan Kondewar 09922111447
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    We are after Yearlings of GIR, SAHIWAL & RED SINDHI cows any quantity is acceptable. Female yearling are preferred but a mixed lot is acceptable too. If you can supply us or know anyone who can assist us please contact me. Delivery Location: Shadnagar, Telangana
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    Investment required in Coimbatore

    Hi All, We are looking for single or multiple investment partners for Breeding & Rearing of Gir Cows. Land is available. Fodder is also home grown in vast area. Investment is Required for Following. 1) Capital Equipments. 2) Live stock. 3) Working Capital. 4) Breeding & Rearing...
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    For Sale Pure Gir Cow For Sale

    Hi All, We supply Pure Gir Cows of 1st & 2nd lactations directly from Gujarat to all over India and especially to Andhra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala. We provide all documents free of cost for smooth passage of state borders. Transport + Insurance + labor + fodder is to b borne by...
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    New Dairy farm in Gujarat

    Hello All, I need some information about Gir and kankrej cow for starting new dairy farm. We are planning to start up with 10 Gir cow and upto 100+ near about 3 years. For that, I need below detail for both breed. Cow Breed Name and Type: Weight: Avg. Life: About Gestation Period: Avg...
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    Original High milking Gir Cows for sale

    Gir Cow range starts from 45K onwards to 55 K.... All cows are in 1st or 2nd lactation. Gir cows milk has high fat content, as high as 7-8 % fat. Milk output is high as compared to feed ratio. Highly heat resistant, disease resistant, and all climate favourable animal. Has very mild nature...
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    Help with Gir Cows

    Dear All, I would like to monetize my cowshed that has 25 Gir cows, 7 of which are milking. Can anyone help me with information on nutrition and breeding that will help me make some earnings out of this? Or contact of any expert on the matter. Thank you very much!
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    Gir Cows

    Hello: We are farmers in Bhavnagar dist, Gujarat in requirement of Gir cows with decent levels of purity. Anyone near Gujarat wishing to sell the same may please contact me at Siddhit Sanghavi
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    165 Veegha (94 acres) for Sale in Gir forest in Gujarat

    It's a private forest located in Gir forests of Gujarat. We have about 95 acres of land. There are many resorts being developed around the area and this land can also be used for that. There are no restrictions as far as cutting down the trees and developing the land. It's a great area to have...

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