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curcuma longa

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    Raw Turmeric Sale

    We have 22 bighas raw turmeric cultivation in West Uttar Pradesh. We want to sell raw turmeric. Interested buyers contact. Raw turmeric is the raw material for turmeric boiler plants. Owners of turmeric boiler plant who can produce turmeric fingers please contact. Is there any...
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    High curcuminoid turmeric available for sales

    Dear Lady & Gentlemen I would like to take this opportunity to purpose our turmeric and other herbs for your consideration. Our company mainly grow tons of turmeric and other herbs in Thailand for 30 years in the western part of Thailand. We process all chains tons ofturmeric starting from...
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    Turmeric(Curcuma longa) for sale

    We have good quality Turmeric for sale. If any body want the seed or for powder. Please contact me. Yasodharan - Healthy Life
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    Turmeric Rhizome - Fresh / Sun-Dried

    Dear all Fresh / Sun-dried Turmeric can be supplied this season and the yield is already started. Intrested may contact over Inbox msg with your expected price range. Thanking you
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    Fresh Turmeric Rhizome for Sale

    Dear Traders Fresh yield of Turmeric Rhizome is for sale upto 100MT. If intrested, please send your response through inbox. PINK NURSERIES
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    Fresh Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) for Sale

    Hello all Fresh Turmeric of this season is for sale. (Upto 100MT). Its freshly pulled out. Niether boiled or dried). If anybody interested, contact by inbox. PINK NURSERIES
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    Curcuma Longa (Common Turmeric) plantation material

    Hello all, High content of curcumin (>=5% curcumin) content, good yield Turmeric Rhizome for sale for this Season. Interested can contact with your required quantity though inbox message.