banana chips

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    Banana slicing machine&Banana slicer--Babana Industry

    Banana slicing machine&Banana slicer is a kind of ideal machine to help you slice banana into thin pieces quickly. Our banana slicing machine is the perfect option for banana processing plants or industry to slice bananas in large capacity. It can also be used to slice other kinds of fruits...
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    Project Report - Banana Chips Manufacturing Unit

    Project Report - Potato Chips manufacturing unit BANKABLE BUSINESS PLAN CUM PROJECT REPORT ON Potato Chips manufacturing unit. We do provide the "Complete, Customized and Detailed Bankable Business Plan cum Project Report with the information of different subsidies & schemes. The capacity...
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    Semi-automatic Banana Chips Plant

    Banana chips enjoy great snack market for its delicious and sweet taste. Fried banana chips can be used as dessert which are covered with sugarm honey or chocolate. Other people may like salty banana chips whihc are flavored with diferent sauce. Similar like potato chips process, fried banana...
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    Banana chips

    We are wholesale dealers for banana chips in 3 different flavours. We can supply good quality banana chips at better price for retailer and distributors at the lowest current price of rs.110-140 per kg depending upon the flavors required. Please visit hkglobalenterprises com .
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    Need Project Report on Banana Ripening

    Dear All, I need a completed project Report on establishing a Banana Ripening Industry in Andhra Pradesh. Please reply me if you know any sources and information inlcuding websites links Thanks Srinivas
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    Banana Chips Making

    Good day, We have 4 hectares of Cardava Banana plantation in Davao, we are planning to have a livelihood programs for the residents near the farm. I need a person who are experience in banana chips production. We also need a serious buyer of banana chips. Thanks in advance. Lilibeth Coronel

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