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    Land Required Need 25-30 acres for 10 year lease in Channapatna or sorrounding area upto 25-30 Km radius

    Hi Folks We are looking at land on lease. Need 1 parcel of 25-30 acres for Organic farming. It needs to be in Channapatna or within 25KM radius. I am not keen in any other location, as I already have a farm running in this location, and would prefer something very close. If there are any leads...
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    Required Looking for Gir Semen around Ramanagara

    We are looking for Gir Semen for our Gir Cows in Ramanagara The local Govt Vet Doctor claims they dont get the supply of the same. wanted to check if anyone here has any sources or knows how to procure it.
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    Job Available Looking for Family to take care of 2 acre Organic farm near Ramanagara

    We are looking for a Agriculture family to take care of our Farmland located near Ramanagara It is a coconut plantation along with 7-8 desi cows. We will provide house, electricity and water. The place is close to schools, shops and on the bus route. It is 5 Kms from Bangalore-Mysore Highway. We...
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    Job Available Need a couple or Family to take care of a 2 acre farm with 5 desi cows in Ramanagara, Karnataka

    We have Farmer job opening for the following in Ramanagara, Karnataka, almost 50 kms from Bangalore 1. Farm Care taker (couple) - 1 Family Accommodation will be provided. Responsibility is to take of Desi Cows and Farming activities and take care of 2 acre land, by growing fodder for the cows...