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    Papaya seed / seedling

    I am new in farming business, please advice me which is cost effective for me to plant papaya, either I go with seeds or very ready seedling. where can I get the best materials. I am belong to Raigad Dist, of Maharashtra. please send me details advice with price and its economics...
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    Desi chicken

    Is some one comments on its workability. business is differ with the choice and interest of the person. I am suggesting you EGG Business. country chicken (ghawti murgi) 1000 Nos. you will fetch around 500 to 600 egg daily Local market prize is more than 5 Rs. If cost you 1...
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    some query regarding Teak Plantation

    Can any one tell me detail of teak plantation Cost of teak Duration of teak plantation is i can harvest after 10 year and fetch what price one acre no of tree can be planted with distance What is Sale cost of per teak tree best regards, nv