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    Available Selling cattle feed at Rs.450/bag

    Please email. Composition, Ingredients %, Feed mill Certifications. Qty you can deliver per week?
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    Opportunity Sanitizer, Herbal.

    As described ☝ Ethyl alcohol 80%.
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    Opportunity Sanitizer, Herbal.

    Shared my mobile number on your Wall.
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    Wanted Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

    You define terms to buyer. Perishables not sold on credit.
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    Question Natural fencing

    Contact district, taluk agricultural and forest departments.
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    For Sale Organic Products

    You should have COA of your products, clients won't spend on your product and without NPOP Certification declared with Co details, product range, offer, business terms business won't happen.
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    For Sale Organic Products

    Good to know. Have you received NPOP Certification? If yes, email details.
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    Opportunity Wanted distributors and Stockists for our Rice and atta and other sambar products

    Request an intro email with infrastructure, Certifications, Products, pricing, terms etc.
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    Wanted Good Quality Pomegranate, Avocado

    This is not the season. Call me during July 2nd week.
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    Available Organic Neem Pesticide

    Good to know, interested. Qty available? Place? COA, Organic certification, Packing, Price.
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    For Sale Turmeric fingers for sale

    Price to be ₹ 55-70/kg exw. Length depends on variety. Curcumin content between 4-7.5% depends on VARIETY of the rhyzome.
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    Event Talk with Mr. B.C. Vasu on Organic Farming, Millets and Mango Cultivation

    Your recommendation to control fruit flies in mango fruit?
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    Question Ghee related question

    Who are you? What is your interest on the subject.
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    Opportunity Required Dealer,distributor/ C&F Agent for FMCG

    Will you be interested in distributing sanitizer with natural base, fully certified, Asia's biggest herbal extraction plant. Tried calling you, It says Wrong number!
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    Wanted We need mushroom in bulk to Kerala

    You buy Or Train?
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    Wanted Need fresh moringa leaves in bulk quantity

    Start buying in Bangalore rural shanties to know how it works!