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    Wanted Need farmland for 3lakh/acre in Karnataka

    Iam looking for land purchase of 5acres at 1to3lakh per acre in Karnataka about 3-4 hrs drive from bangalore if possible. Pls let me know if you have any. Thanks Vishnu
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    Land Required Agri land near Denkanikottai or surroundings

    Please reach me on my mail id if you have 2 acres of land at 3-3.5 lac/acre. I am planning to close this ASAP, so please let me know ASAP...i can share my mobile # once you reach me over email. Land around Denkanikottai, andevanapalli or thallys surroundings work...
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    Need agriculture/farm land near Bangalore - 60kms.

    I am looking for an agricultural land for 3-4 lakhs per acre for agri purpose. I am seriously looking for agri purpose and need only 2 acres for now.Please reach me only via email since I havent given correct phone number to avoid SPAM calls. Locations could be near: 1. Hosur - About 15 kms...